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ION-ENERGY was created to be a modern holistic companion to the active lifestyle. Created from the highest grade silicone, utilizing the most innovative negative ion technology, packaged in an attractive and stylish design, ION-ENERGY is the premiere wearable performance technology band on the market today. The benefits of the ION-ENERGY wristband far exceed those of any other product in the industry. We guarantee results and stand behind our research and technology.

  • Advanced Negative Ion Technology
  • Premium Construction
  • Resonates, Optimizes, and Responds to the Natural Energy Flow of the Body


About us
Ion Energy Wristband

The Effects of our environment

  • The environment where we live can impact our bodies and our health. Most of us are surrounded by concrete walls and electronic devices for many hours each day. While human kind has created a comfortable lifestyle for itself, these modern conveniences can have negative effects.
  • Electronic devices are shown to throw off concentrated amounts of positive ions but, our bodies need a balance of positive and negative ions.
  • Concrete walls and closed air-conditioned spaces produce higher levels of positive ions than those found in nature, which can be detrimental to our health.
  • In nature, positive ions come from the sun in the form of UV rays which fatigue the body. Negative ions (the good guys) come from organic materials such as rain, trees, plants and minerals.
  • The increased exposure to positive ions can affect our energy levels and health. To counteract the imbalance caused by urban environments, we recommend using ION-ENERGY products which are natural source of negative ions to your day-to-day life.

The ION-ENERGY Team of professional athletes and holistic scientists have engineered a product that delivers amazing physical benefits by harnessing the natural power of negative ions to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and increased energy.

Question ?

How does ION-ENERGY work?

Ion Energy Wristband

See the FAQ Page for more details. ...

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